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ach, ich beschränke mich mal auf zitate. weil heute mittwoch ist.

marcel proust was a french writer and critic, born in a tiny mudhovel to miserable but loving parents who fed him nothing but lady fingers, which he later developed an almost pathological fondness for and would eat nothing but the sweet, soft cookies for days on end, a habit which eventually led to his timely death at the age of 102 of malnutrition; (…)

uncyclopedia: marcel proust

the ferrari is, quite literally, the ferrari of motor vehicles. sleek, sexy and stylish, the ferrari typically possesses all the qualities the owner does not. most ferraris are also young, slim and unmarried.

uncyclopedia: ferrari

john cage (1912−1812) was a 20th century composer who enjoyed moderated success in his early life. he was most well known for his unique style of writing odd and unusual pieces, such as "piano falling down five flights of stairs in a minor", and the classic "set of bagpipes driven by the exhaust from a saturn v rocket's first stage".

uncyclopedia: john cage

zombies are a subspecies of humans which are the byproduct of any physical, metaphysical, or metalengual process which perverts the natural death process of the individual by allowing the decaying corpse to walk amongst the still breathing to fulfill the needs of the lower brain to feast upon the flesh and brains of the living and watch american idol.

uncyclopedia: zombies

sexual innuendo (pronounced "in you' end, oh") is a hard topic to stay on top of. while there are no stiff rules as to what constitutes sexual innuendo, there have been many mass debates on the topic, and now the general principles are firm and well-rounded. however, full penetration of the subject requires that the reader take a long, hard look at the target and have a strong and often cunning grasp of linguistic intercourse.

uncyclopedia: sexual innuendo

in 1996 internet downloading officially replaced murder as the seventh deadly sin.

uncyclopedia: seven deadly sins

wikipedia (formerly google), "the content-free encyclopedia that only the devil can edit," is a satirical parody of uncyclopedia, though wikipedia claims the reverse (and correctly claims that uncyclopedia claims the reverse, and vice versa; but does not claim that we claim that they correctly claim that they claim that we claim that they claim it).

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