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zugegeben, der unterhaltungswert steigt nochmal deutlich, wenn man den entsprechenden film schon kennt.

dennoch. großartig!


bittesehr, matrix reloaded:


laurence fishburne: "hurry, we have to get randall out of here!"

carrie-anne moss: "and take him where, exactly?"

laurence fishburne: "uhhhh.. away from the bad guys? it doesn't matter, we're just waiting for neo to save us."

carrie-anne moss: "don't you realize that without any real goal, this scene is utterly without tension, regardless of how cool it is, stylistically?"

laurence fishburne: "this is a matrix film, there's no point to anything other than style."

they are chased by two albino rastafarians. more video game music plays in the background.

albino rastafarian #1: "we are utterly pointless."

albino rastafarian #2: "yes we are."

eventually, keanu reeves saves them all and takes them to a secret hideout.